randy gets a clue

Date: Sat, 30 Nov 96 16:21 PST
From: Randy Bush <randy@psg.com>
To: "Dorian R. Kim" <dorian@cic.net>
Subject: Re: haven for spammers? 
I just had a *major* realization. A majority of the new net and/or UNIX admisnitrators don't know how to program computers. I don't mean they're not competent C hackers. They don't even know FORTRAN, COBOL, or Pascal. They have not learned the mindset.

This means that they will not make, what are to me, obvious inferences. Their universe of cause and effect will be quite unexpected. They will be surprised by and misunderstand, what are to me, rather obvious things.

I know this should have been obvious to the meanest intelligence. But I just realized it. The two preceding sentences are not in conflict.

They must be rather frustrated and confused.


Second, later, clue: They are not system programmers. I.e. they have not worked on a kernel, compiler, driver, .... Not even in school. Not only don't they have the theory background, they just don't know how such things work.