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BellSouth Interconnection Services - Reference Library Reports-BLS_sp05.pdf


Appendix A - Technical Specifications
Cable Digital News - vendor listing
CATV dBm, dBmV, and dBµV Conversions - Maxim-Dallas
Chapter 1 - Product Overview
Diplex Filters (CATV adn MATV Band Splitters - Combiners)
MATV Amplifier for TV antenna and Cable TV signal distribution
RF Video Amplifiers - HomeTech Solutions
TVC Communications
Video Distribution Tutorial - Design - HomeTech Solutions


LI Standards


AGS+ IOS upgrade
Auxiliary Port, Console Port, And Adapter Pinouts For Cisco 1000, 1600, 2500, 2600, And 3600 Series Routers  [Cisco 1600 Series
Cisco ITP as the Signaling Gateway for the BTS10200 Softswitch  [Cisco IP Transfer Point] - Cisco Systems
Cisco ITP as the Signaling Gateway for the PGW2200 Softswitch  [Cisco IP Transfer Point] - Cisco Systems
Cisco SS7 Fundamentals
Cross-Platform Release Notes for Cisco IOS Release 11.0
New Features in Release 12.2(4)MB13a - Overview of ITP  [Cisco IOS Software Releases 12.2 Special and Early Deployments] - Cisc


Appendix C SIP Call Flows-Cisco 7900 Series IP Phones - Cisco Systems
Communitech - Product Detail
D-Link TechSupport - Products - DVG-1120S
Home network market update
IP Phones, Analog Adapters, VoIP equipment store -
SIPConnection-Oriented Media (Comedia) Enhancements for SIP
Telephonyware -- IP Phones
The VoIP Connection
The Voxilla Store Tools for the Communications Revolution - VoIP Adaptors Analog telephone Adaptors FXS Port FXO Port PSTN Pass-through Port


Free Visual Basic for Applications - VBA Training & Tutorials


C2 3.0 Software Releases
S4 Management System (OAM&P)


B style=background-color#ffff66Emergency-B telephone with integrated surveillance system connectivity - Patent 200302275


3GPP specification series 23series


Security Technical Implementation Guides



AIR Wiki How to reorder or rename logical interface names in Linux
Boot + Root + Raid + Lilo Software Raid mini-HOWTO Appendix C. - ide RAID10 with initrd
Boot Parameters
CD-Writing HOWTO
Common threads Linux 2.4 Software RAID, Part 2
Common threads Software RAID in the new Linux 2.4 kernel, Part 1
Convert Root System to Bootable Software RAID1 (Debian)
Feature High Memory In The Linux Kernel
hostRAID, AIC-7901, disable
How to find value of PTHREAD_THREADS_MAX
I2O on Linux
Intel Advanced Networking Services (ANS) for Linux
IPMI HOWTO for Debian GNU-Linux on the Intel SR2300 (Server Board SE7501WV2)
Ipsysctl tutorial 1.0.4
LILO mini-HOWTO Installing hdc to Boot as hda and Using bios=
LILO, Linux Crash Rescue HOW-TO
Linux and Memory
Linux Kernel Memory Management
Linux Security Securing and Hardening Linux Production Systems (Linux Security Cookbook - HOWTO - Guide)
Linux SMP HOWTO Securing Apache
Linuxarkivet Re AIC7xxx drivers Thunder K7x Pro
ncurses4-5.0-9.i386 RPM
Network Connectivity - Driver Archives for Legacy Gigabit Adapters
Networking and Communications - Intel(R) PRO-1000 MF and MT Adapters and Pre-configured Images
Overview of Reliable Multicast Protocols
RAID-1, Part 2 Linux Journal Red Hat Magazine - Understanding Virtual Memory
Remote Conversion to Linux Software RAID-1 for Crazy Sysadmins HOWTO
Remote Network Boot via PXE
Serial ATA (SATA) on Linux
Server Oriented System Tuning Info Files
SSH Frequently Asked Questions
The Interception Approach to Reliable Distributed CORBA Objects
The Linux Bootdisk HOWTO
The Linux OS
Top-level Files in the proc File System
Towards an O(1) VM
Unix Programming - How to find glibc version
Unix System Administration Hints and Tips
xinetd.conf (Linux Reviews)
[LeapList] nVidia nForce4 Linux Compatibility Pre-Sale Evaluation


The Illinois FCC Field Trial has thoroughly


Netcraft November 2005 Web Server Survey
United States Telecom Association Telecom Statistics


AT&T to launch VoIP nationwide - News - ZDNet
AT&T to offer Internet calling - News - ZDNet
BellSouth unveils IP Centrex
Boardwatch Analysis of telecom software, services, and strategy
Broadband overtaking dial-up in major cities - News - ZDNet
Cablevision to offer commercial VoIP - News - ZDNet
Comcast cautious about VoIP upgrade - News - ZDNet
Cox Communications dives into VoIP - News - ZDNet
InfoWorld Rate of broadband growth slows in US December 22, 2003 By Networking
Managing Cisco SIP IP Phones
MGEN - The Multi-Generator Toolset
More phone subscribers dial in to Cox - News - ZDNet
N+I conference on tap in Las Vegas - Computerworld
Networking Pipeline News BellSouth Launches Corporate VoIP Services
News Cable phone calls ring off the hook
Qwest taps into Net telephony - News - ZDNet
Report DSL growth best ever - News - ZDNet
TCNiSO Embedded Development Assembly Experts
Telecommunications Online 
U.S. broadband access leaped 42 percent in 2003 - News - ZDNet
Verizon details Internet phone plans - News - ZDNet
Vonage drops Cisco VoIP adapter - News - ZDNet
[Asterisk-Users] Vonage ATA-186 password recovery

Mexican Telecom Regulator Issues Number Portability Rules
Mexico - Fixed-Line Market and Infrastructure - Overview and Statistics - BuddeComm
Mexico - Telecoms Market Statistics & Forecasts - BuddeComm
Number portability expected by May 2007 CommsUpdate TeleGeography Research
RFC 3482 - Number Portability in the Global Switched Telephone Network (GSTN) An Overview
Volume 57 Issue 1 2004-2005


Protocol MGCP ( Media Gateway Control Protocol )


bicycles - Items Page
Albe's BMX Mail-Order (586) 264-1152
Best Bike Buys bicycles, bicycle parts and accessories
Cambria Bicycle Outfitter
Free Agent Bikes
Harris Cyclery - Quality Bicycle Products Special Order Catalog
Hoffman Bikes - Your Mountain & Road Bike online parts supplier!
Kids Bikes Mini Viper 16" `04-Diamondback Bicycles
Mirra 360 2004 Haro Bicycles
Performance Bike - Home for all your cycling needs!
Plano Cycling & Fitness - Bicycles Children's 16-Inch (3-6 yr. old)
Price Point - Great Discounts on Mountain Bike & Road Bike Parts, Accessories, Cycling Clothing & more
Redline Bicycles
Specialized - Bikes - 04 Hotrock 16 Boys
Supergo » Shop - Product Listing
WebCyclery - Trials bikes, Singlespeeds, Cyclocross, and more..


10 Lessons Learned From Engine Masters by Andy Dunn
2001 Audi S8 Technical Specifications S-CARS.ORG The Audi S1, S2, S3, S4, S6, S8, RS2, RS4, RS6 Enthusiast Web Site... Ce
2004 Audi S4
About Equipe Rapide Sports Car Club - 2003 TSBs - speaker specs
An Error Has Occurred!
audipages Used A8-S8 Buyer's Guide
AudiWorld Forums Where can I get name that OEM car part
Comparison of permitted modifications in SCCA classes
eBahn - Audi S4
Fantasy Junction - (510) 653-7555
Lexus GS300-350-400-430
LEXUS GS300-400-430
Lexus L-Tuned Parts, TRD Lexus, TOMs and UGO Performance Parts for GS300 GS400 GS430 IS300 LS400 in Southern California
Modacar Auto Accessories Search results
More Rims
Mossy Performance
NASIOC Forums - Auto-X Rules Read This First
NDRA 2004 The New Breed Of Speed
NICO - Nissan Infiniti Car Owners Club - Forums for Nissan Enthusiasts Q45 Forum
Nissan Altima performance auto parts at SFX - racing, performance and restyling
Overboost Store - S13PTR JIC Pillow Tension Rod - 1997-2000 Infiniti Q45 Y33, Suspension Kits, Susp. Accessories
Premier Leader In Lexus Aftermarket Intake, Supercharger, and Accessories, Team Lexus Partner
Pro Tape Solo Series, 2005 PAX Challenge
SCCA Solo II Car Classification Rules Stock
SCCA Solo II Car Classifications
Speed Alliance
Texas Region SCCA Solo2 Autocross
The Drivers Edge
The Nissan Parts Store Nissan and NISMO Parts and Accessories Online
Toyo Proxes RA1 for the Track, Autocross or Street.
Upgrade Your Wheels from Upgrade Motoring!
Urban Import Online
VAG-COM License with KEY-COM Interface Ross-Tech Store
Wheel Hop Reduction
Wheel Weights Specs Guide
WISE SPORTS type II Infiniti Q 45 Cima Y33 Memoryfab New and Used JDM Parts Wheels Specialist


---+ 1000BiT +---
8-BIT Designs - XE1541 Cable
Apple Ethernet LC and LC Twisted-Pair Card Descriptions (1-94)
Atari 2600, Atari cartridges, colecovision intellivision 5200 7800 400-800 vectrex cartridges odyssey
Atari 8-Bit Computers Frequently Asked Questions
Atari Hardware & Software Items for Sale
Atari Pin-outs (and more)
AtariAge - Atari 2600 Manuals (HTML) - Video Chess (Atari)
Cassette Images
Color Computer Disk System Quick Reference Guide
Color Computer Documentation
Color Computer Technical Reference Manual
Commodore Computer Center
COMP.SYS.CBM General FAQ, v3.1 Part 1-9
Computer Gear For Sale
eBay Vintage working Apple IIE W Disk Drive Nice! (item 8741081817 end time Dec-31-05 105921 PST)
Erik S. Klein's Vintage Computer Collection - Home of historical computers such as Altair, Apple, Commodore and IBM
Google Image Result for
How to make a DOS Boot disk for my apple IIe Applefritter
Index of -messroms-bios
Index of -pdf-ibm
Let's take a quick look at the Vic20...
Linux on Inspiron 2600
Logo programming language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Macparts Parts -- macintosh, parts, service, repairs, powerbook, apple
Paul E Coad's Antique Computer Collection
Recycled Goods - New and Used Computers for Sale.
Sinclair ZX81 Computer Kits for Sale - $99.95 each.
Sun Hardware Reference Part 5
Sun3-I - CPU - Sun 3-60
Sun3-I - CPU - Sun 3-80
The TI-99-4A Home Computer Page
The Trailing Edge For Sale Or Trade
TI-99-4A FAQ
TRS 80 Software Manual Download Page
US Computer Exchange Printer Consumable-Accessories
Vic-20 Memory Expansion Project
welcome to my site
Working Apple II Links Vendors
World of Spectrum
ZX81 BASIC Programming by Steven Vickers


Effective utilization of IBM 3090 large virtual storage in the numerically intensive computations of iab initio-i molecular
IBM 3090 performance A balanced system approach
The IBM 3090 system An overview
Vector system performance of the IBM 3090


American Power Sports - Karting Parts & Accessories
Azusa Engineering, Inc. Web Site - Home Page
Champ Car Stars of Tomorrow Kart Racing
Cloud Electric Vehicles - Connectors - Contact Set, Anderson Style SB 175, 4 ga. - DC Electric Vehicles and Home Power Supplies
Comet Kart Sales - Kid Karts - Baby Karts
Copper Wire Gauges and their Electrical Current Load Limits
crg rolling chassis
Curtis Instruments- Instrumentation, motor speed controllers, battery chargers
Eco-Motion EV Sources
Econogics Electric Vehicle Index
Electric Vehicle Email Discussion List Instructions
Empire Karts - Gearbox 3G & Euromax Suits - Empire Karts - Karts Parts Supplies and Apparel
ev gocart kits
Go Kart Wheels and Mini Bike Wheels
Go-Cart Parts go kart parts go-kart engine parts
InnEVations Electric Vehicle (EV) components & kits
Kart Connection Plus Karts
KART Racing Technologies - kart racing chassis - baby karts and cadets karts - 4-cycle, 2-cycle, and 80 & 125 Shifter chassis - Find your Race Kart Chassis
KartLINE and GoKarts USA
KartMonster The Karting Portal  Kid Kart Manual
KTA Services Inc. Catalog
MAEAA Web Links
Margay - Kid Kart
NorCal Karting - Links
Pitstop Kartshop Product Index
RC Stuff and links to Servos2
Robot Electronics (Speed Controllers, Batteries, Remote Control radios & more)
Robot Logic Home Page
Servo Basics
World Karting Association - News - Home - links


A-UX FAQ, updated for 21st century
A-UX installation
Format Chart, HTML version
Index of -~archive-mac-util
Index of netbsd-bugs for October, 2006
Installing OS 8 & OS 8.1 on 68030 Macs
Mac Boot Disks
Mac Driver Museum Network Card Drivers
Macintosh Display Cards Overview (3 of 3)
Macintosh hardware frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Macintosh Monitor and Video Chart (1 of 4)
Macintosh Monitor Sense Codes Technical Description
MacTCP '95 Installation Guide
Mark's NetBSD Not-So-Frequently Asked Questions
Matthew Theobald's NetBSD-mac68k Installation Guide
Monitor Cables Pinout Information
NetBSD-mac68k Frequently Asked Questions with Answers
Old Macintosh Operating System
Patching HD SC Setup 7.3.5
Pure Mac Olden - Software for Macintosh
SCSI Hard Drive Links
Step Three - Create a Macintosh Boot Floppy
System 7.0.1 Favorite Add-Ons
System Software-Mac OS Questions - the pickle's Low-End Mac FAQ
Video NuBus card-Monitor Matrix.


Fermat Prime -- from MathWorld
On Fermat and Mersenne numbers (Édouard Lucas) p.230-235


6ft SCSI 2 Cable - HD50 (MD50) to DB50 M-M -
Certified Original SUN p-n 530-1478-02 now available
COMPUTERPLUG CS2-50-3 3 Foot External SUN SCSI DB50 to SCSI 2 and SCSI 2 Cables - 1 866 449 4498 - Serving USA Canada EU
partnumbers - framebuffers
Sun Archive EPROM Page
Sun Disk Drives by 7-Digit Part Number, Sun Microsystems Products
Sun Information Library
Sun-3 Handbook - Home Page
Sun3-I Video-Graphics - Sun-3-60 CG4 Color Frame Buffer
Sun4-II - Parts - Board - Video - P4 Bus
The Sun Hardware Reference Part 4 - Boards (continued)
UF - User Diary
VGA to workstation monitor FAQ


Backyard Fun Factory
Castle Series Swing Sets by Rainbow Play Systems
Pinnacle Play Systems; playground equipment, swing set, child outdoor playsets, school, commercial, residential
R A I N B O W  P L A Y  S Y S T E M S
Rainbow Play Systems - Welcome to the Rainbow Play Systems Castle Section
Select-A-Set - browse our swing sets
Strong wood playsets with a variety of price ranges and options.
The Summit Part of our New Play Time Series by Creative Playthings.Also get an accessory pack worth $100 Free! This model is
The Sentinel Part of our New Playtime series by Creative Playthings.Also get a $100. accessory pack Free! This is available f
The Wooden Swing Company
Wooden Swing Sets - Economically Priced and Ready to Assemble
Wooden Swing Sets and Playground Equipment - Detailed Play Systems
Wooden swing sets and wood swing sets - the best Redwood Swing Set around

VGA to workstation monitor FAQ


NEMA Configuration Page 1
Straight Blade Nema Chart

Linkbit free online protocol analyzer, decoder for SS7, GSM, UMTS, CDMA2000, ISDN, VoIP, NGN, IMS and many other protocols
SS7 Standards - PNO, ITU, BTNR, ANSI


OpenH323 Project


Google Answers Cellular phone subscription statistics in United States.
Mexico - Mobile Market - Overview and Statistics - BuddeComm

Blackberry Tips and Tricks - Your Number One BlackBerry Community
Esis Solid State Disks
How to install and use the Recovery Console in Windows XP
IEC IP-IN Integration
Learn Perl - A Perl subroutine for processing the output of the Solaris ps -ef command
M-Systems - Products - mModule DOC 2000