Tornado Documentation Roadmap

Created 1994 03 08 by DBL
Revised 1994 03 10 by DBL - add test models to SW & data architectures

This is a roadmap to all of the documentation that exists, or is yet
to be created, for the Tornado project.  This is organized in outline
form, with headings prefixed by one (or more, according to level)

Where a person has been assigned responsibility for a document,
his/her initials appear in brackets after the name of the document.

Where a document is already in review, the document's acronym appears
in parentheses.

* Architecture
The architecture documents describe structural and business aspects of
the Tornado system.  These never describe implementation details, and
may suggest implementations only as examples.  Architecture documents
always come in pairs --- a brief description of the objectives or
requirements of the architecture, and the actual architecture

** Tornado Software Architecture Requirements (TSAR) 
** Tornado Software Architecture (TSA)
*** Tornado Software Architecture Test Model
** Tornado Data Architecture Requirements
** Tornado Data Architecture 
*** Tornado Data Architecture Test Model
** Tornado Administration Requirements
** Tornado Administration Architecture

* Processes
These documents describe processes of both the Tornado team and the
customer organizations.

** Customer Business Model
** Software Development Procedures
*** Inspections
*** Change Control (CC)
*** Defect Tracking
*** Configuration Management
** Tornado Data Administration

* System Infrastructure
These documents describe the designs of the portions of Tornado
system that are common across all subsystems.  In particular, this
means the Representation grammar, mechanisms for security and
authentication, APIs, mechanisms to handle metadata, etc.

** Tornado Software Framework Design

* Subsystems
These documents describe the designs for each Tornado subsystem.
These documents come in pairs (at least) --- a subsystem requirements
document and a subsystem design document.  Depending upon the
complexity of the subsystem and the number of contributors, additional
refinements (e.g. high level design, detailed design, etc.) may be
required.  Other related documents (project plans, test plans,
integration plans, etc.) are listed under the appropriate headings.

** Network Design User Interface Subsystem
** Customer Requirements Collection User Interface Subsystem
** Pricing User Interface Subsystem
** Pricing Rules Subsystem
** Manufacturability Rules Subsystem
** Networking Rules Subsystem

* Project Plans
These plans cover individual projects over the life of the Tornado

** Pre-Commitment Project Plan

* Test Plans

* Integration Plans

* Presentations
These are presentations that have some value either as a tool for
explaining Tornado to other organizations, or as checkpoints for
significant milestones (e.g. commitment reviews.)