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Traynor K4 vs. Yamaha STAGEPAS 300

I bought a Traynor K4 keyboard amp today. I'm using the K4 with my GT-8. So far, so good.

I also have a Yamaha STAGEPAS 300. The K4 obviously serves the same function as the STAGEPAS (as full-range flat-response amplification for a modeler), so here are the pros and cons of each:

So, which one is better? As with most things, it depends...

If you need to hang with a bunch of rockers, go with the K4. If you're going to do quieter gigs where the audience will appreciate your stereo effects (or if you're doing a solo gig where you also sing and could use reverb on your vocals) use the STAGEPAS.

One more thing... If you Google the K4 you'll find some threads about how Yorkville/Traynor once (during early production) packaged these units inadequately for shipping, resulting in units that were frequently damaged upon arrival. This is no longer a problem. I special-ordered my K4 last week. It arrived at the dealer yesterday in an oversized box with foam and carboard inserts to properly support the amp.

March 18 2007 04:50:28 GMT