David Lamkins picked up his first guitar a long time ago. As best he can recall the year was 1967: the year of the Summer of Love. Four decades later David has conjured up an amalgam of folk, rock and jazz solo guitar music for the occasional intimate Portland audience.
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location: Portland, OR USA

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On "tone"...

Tone is in the rig. The "fingers" account for phrasing, articulation, attack, dynamics, ... Great "fingers" will struggle with a crappy rig, and sing with a great rig. The player's style will always come through, but the nuances get highlighted by the better rig.

I often hear stories about a great player borrowing a crappy rig and sounding "just like" he or she always does. Well, what's going on there is that the listener recognizes the player's signature style. I have never heard one of these anectdotes end with the player trading in his or her preferred rig.

July 13 2003 07:57:46 GMT