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David Lamkins was born in Watervliet, New York. Very little is known about his childhood except that he started taking things apart as soon as he could hold a screwdriver. It wasn't until David reached the age of twelve that he started putting things back together.

This fascination with the inner workings of things carried David forward through a long period of his life (euphemistically dubbed "The Quiet Years"), during which he masterfully combined the roles of computer geek and responsible adult. Of course, this resulted in a rather mundane existence and bored the hell out of everyone around him...

David has recently rediscovered that people are more fun to play with than symbols, and has decided to -- in the grand tradition of reformed geeks everywhere -- get a life.

After thirty years of half-heartedly messing around on the guitar (including some stints in very short-lived bands during his teen years) David has finally decided that he'd like to be a musician and play in a band that performs dark, langorous, fluid music; an alchemic transmutation of psychedelia and metal.

David's favorite movies are "The Fifth Element" and "The Matrix".

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