Foster Parents Shelter Parents NEEDED


Who can be a Shelter Parent ?

o Those who are responsible, caring, mature people who can provide

a healthy stable environment.

o Those are are married or single, with or without children.

o Those who live in an apartment, house (rented or owned) or a

mobile home.

o Those who work inside or outside of the home.


Who needs shelter care ?

o Young people of all ages who become separated from their

parents for may reasons including:

Abuse (physical, sexual, or emotional)

Neglect or abandonment

Illness or death of a parent

Emotional or behavioral problems

Conflict due to teen pregnancy or parenting

o The children that come into care are from diverse cultural backgrounds,

each with their own special needs.


What does the shelter parent provide ?

o Temporary care for children ranging from overnight to a few months,

until a plan for ongoing care is made.

o "Time Out" for parents and children giving them time to work

out problems.

o A home for a pregnant or parenting teen and her child(ren) which

gives them a safe place while they are experiencing a

housing crisis.

o Food and a safe, caring environment.

o Security, warmth, flexibility, and a sense of humor to troubled youth.

What does the agency provide ?

O Counselers who are available to offer support, guidance, and

information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

o Reimbursement for care.

o Supplemental foodstuffs through the food bank program.

o Ongoing training and support.

CALL BGAS at (503) 222-9661 Today.


My family has found this to be a fullfilling enriching way to

give something back to the community, and to help break the cycle

of child neglect, abuse, abandonment, and pregnancy.


The Boys and Girls Aid Society of Oregon is at

018 SW Boundry Ct

Portland, OR 97201-3985

BGAS is a private non-profit child advocacy agency that has served Oregon's

youth and families since 1855.

Shelter care (foster care) services provide support to all of the agency's

programs. Each year more than 20,000 youth and families receive

information and assistance from the agency.


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