A Walk in the Park (Urban Style)

Hervey and Paula go for a walk in the Santiago Metropolitan Park on the All Saint's Holiday weekend (Oct. 30, 2004). The park occupies several hills right in the middle of the city and splits downtown from the northern barrios.

To put things in perspective below is a map of the Park and above is an enhanced image looking at the park from the West going East from above. Downtown Santiago is just to the right of the river in the picture. Images are originally from here:

Almost four months pregnant
and Paula's ready for her walk!

Looking South towards Santiago with
the Américo Vespucio ring road
in the foreground

Looking north towards Huechuraba
with the Américo Vespucio ring
road in the foreground

Hervey hanging on the bridge
going over Américo Vespucio

Paula heading up the hill
for a look at the view

A nice little spot looking
to the north

Ciudad Empresarial, or
"Business City", which is to
to the north.

Looking east towards the
Andes. "Volcanoe" Manquehue
is on the right

Viewpoint looking south to
Santiago with canal

Looking over to Providencia
across the Mapocho river

The road splits. We decide
to go to the right

Picnic area and gardens

Another view of Ciudad

Our "artistic" image of Paula
looking to the north

Hervey hangin' in the park

Eastern Santiago in all its
smoggy glory! This is our hood.

The US Embassy - Known as
"La Fortaleza" or "The

The Hyatt (the spaceship), the
Marriott, & Parque Arauco

The US Embassy, World Trade Center,
Center, Costanera Norte freeway,
and metro extension

Looking east up the Mapocho,
river to Lo Curro. We live,
more or less, by the dot

Sat Oct 30 21:53:28 CLST 2004