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6+ months and gorgeous!

Camila and Cote

New Year's dinner

The brothers at Midnight

From above...

Jesus, life of the party!

Hervey prepares for Bhutan...

Our dog is cute...


So is Paula

Santiago Airport on the 2nd

Lunch before boarding

The infamous Lufthansa A340-600

We parked here in Paris

Terminal 2E - Repairs still underway

My plane - better food, more legroom

Cool. Train station in airport

End of the line

Terminal 2F - Remember U2?

New flyover at CDG

Big control tower

The French can do curves

Lots of glass

More 2F

Twyckenham Rugby Union

My friend's backyard - Whitton

Piccadilly Road, London

Piccadilly Circus

She really does live here!

Regent St, and The Incredibles

Nelson's column (obligatory picture)

Nelson's Lions - I'm awake...

04 January 2005, 21:00