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University of Oregon
, Eugene, OR: BS in Computer & Information Science, December 1990.


University of Chile, Santiago, Chile: One semester graduate level study, Fall 1991. Included graduate level network and computer architecture coursework. All work and class sessions were in Spanish.


Pomona College, Claremont, California: BA in History of Science, May 1986. (Included upper-division physics and full calculus sequence. Honors on thesis.)


Professional Experience


Network Systems Engineer Network Startup Resource Center: University of Oregon NSF Grant Foundation (October 1998 to Present):

      Led, taught, coordinated, organized and created over 60 technical workshops of 40+ hours, taught in Spanish and English, in more than 40 countries, with over 1,600 participants. 2000 to present.

      Workshop topics have included Network Monitoring and Management, Linux/UNIX Systems Administration, Systems Security, Network Security, ccTLD / Registry Operations, DNS and DNS Security, Scalable Network Services, Campus Network Design and Wireless Authentication, taught in both Spanish and English.

      Led, taught, coordinated and organized over 10 ½-day to 2-day tutorials at events in 10 countries with over 700 participants. 2007 to present

      Presented on numerous technical, network-related topics during AfNOG, APRICOT, PacNOG, AfREN, SANOG and WALC meetings in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific.

      Provided direct engineering assistance to universities and institutions in Bhutan, Cambodia, Ghana, Myanmar, Senegal and Tanzania.

      Coordinate workshop duties and organization, travel, initial employee orientation and day-to-day operations for 15+ international contract employees working with the NSRC.

      Work in conjunction with and assign tasks to core team of NSRC international contractors and UO staff as well as UO undergraduate and graduate employee students working for credit to maintain internal NSRC infrastructure and long-term projects.

      Principal system administrator for NSRC core servers running Linux and FreeBSD that host over 15 websites accessed millions of times each year. This includes system updates and upgrades, software installation and configuration, account management, migration of users and sites, programming in C, shell script, php, Perl as needed, database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, others) design and maintenance, network configuration, hardware installation, replacement and buildout, data backup and recovery, and overall infrastructure planning and design.

      Assist and oversee the implementation of the NSRC virtual servers solution, which includes replicated data store for data security and the ability to failover servers in a very fast manner. The solution includes the use of KVM and Ganeti virtualization technologies.

      Assist with creation of NSRC virtual workshop kit solutions that allow for the creation of virtual Linux, Unix machines as needed, network configuration and virtual routers and switches which are used for Layer 2, Layer 3, Campus Network Design, DNS and DNS Security and Network Monitoring and Management workshops. Assist and oversee the updating of these solutions and shared git documentation repositories used among NSRC trainers to recreate these solutions as needed and with new NSRC trainers and training centers in the future.

      Directly responsible for sites under NSRC control that run a gamut of services, sometimes in conjunctionwith other staff. These services include: multiple Trac wikis; Redmine project management software; postfix for email; spamassassin, clamav and sqlgrey for antiviral and anti-spam services’ apache web services with both MySQL and PostgreSQL dynamically served pages using php; core services such as imap(s), smtp(s), pop(s) ssh, ldap, nfs; and multiple monitoring services such as Nagios, Smokeping, Cacti, Netdot as well as end-user service such as Git and SVN repositories, Gallery3, Limesurvey, and Bacula backup server and clients.

      Maintain the nsrc.org web site, including internal training calendar for staff, external pages such as nsrc.org, nsrc.org/where and nsrc.org/workshops, which require regular updating, and redesigned and implemented new nsrc.org layout, look and feel. Work with NSRC staff, outside contractors and UO graduate students to move the nsrc.org web site to a Drupal-based content management system during 2013 with new design.

      Implement, as needed, procedures to automate day-to-day tasks, initial workshop setup and materials sharing and development and eventual nsrc.org move to a content management system.

      Completed several large-scale programming tasks, including the complete design and build out of ws.edu.isoc.org (60,000+ lines of code, database and web pages), migration of nsrc.org from Sol Solaris Sparc platform to Intel Linux with approximately 25,000 lines of code and extensive system configuration involved and creation of NSRC donations database (with other staff) and all back-end programming with over 30,000 lines of code involved.

      Created and assisted with the creation of workshop training materials including presentations, exercises, labs and detailed diagrams on the topics of Network Monitoring and Management, Security, Linux and UNIX System Administration, Scalable Network Services, Campus Network Design, DNS and DNS Security, ccTLD / Registry Operations, Wireless Authentication Systems and Help Desks. This has included original creation of materials in Spanish and translation of materials into Spanish.

      Written and created multiple large documentation projects for NSRC, such as nsrc.org/helpdesk, nsrc.org/isp.html, nsrc.org/workshops, nsrc.org/where and multiple internal documents.

      Member of planning and coordination committees for the network operators groups of the Arican Network Operators Group (AfNOG), Pacific Network Operators Group  (PacNOG) and the South Asian Network Operators Group (SANOG).

      Fellowship committee member for AfNOG, the Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies (APRICOT) and SANOG. Have assisted with overall fellowship choices and funding allocation for several Network Operators Groups meetings.

      Provide technical assistance and guidance via email, chat, phone and social media from network engineers around the globe and from former workshop participants, as well as colleagues from numerous other technical organizations.


Sales/System Engineer, Turbolinux, Inc.: San Francisco, CA (September 2000 to July 2002):

      Answered customer's pre-sales technical questions.

      Accompanied Turbolinux Sales reps on numerous sales calls for technical support across California, Oregon, Washington, Canada, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Connecticut to companies such as Bear Stearns, Compaq, Credit Suisse First Boston, Fair Isaac, Google, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Merrill Lynch, New York Stock Exchange, Terra Lycos, Qwest, Verizon, Visa, Washington Mutual Bank and many others.

      Designed, tested, and installed large-scale booth networks and demos for company at events such as Comdex, InterOP, Linuxworld, and IBM World.

      Worked closely with multiple vendors, including IBM, HP, Compaq, AMD, Intel maintaining company-to-company technical relationships.

      Taught several multi-day workshops on Linux, and Linux clustering to clients in Montreal, Canada; Cologne, Germany; New York, New York; Poughkeepsie, New York; and San Francisco, California.

      Tested and added hardware support code to Linux kernel for Turbolinux Server 6.5 for IBM zSeries (S/390), released June 2001.

      Gave technical presentations on Turbolinux products and Linux in general to numerous companies and several Universities at many locations. Including “C-Level” presentations at Compaq, The Credit Index, Credit Suisse First Boston, Fair Isaac, IBM, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Terra Lycos, Qwest and Verizon.

      Trained, troubleshot, supported, and presented on products including Turbolinux Linux server and workstation products for x86, R6000, AS/400, zSeries (S/390), server for Oracle 8i and IBM DB/2, Turbolinux Cluster Server, Turbolinux EnFuzion (distributed computing), and PowerCockpit – a mass deployment program for Linux and Windows NT/2K.

      Developed, designed, and implemented the Turbolinux zSeries web site (no longer in service) using PHP and MySQL under Apache running on Linux. Included MySQL FTP authentication for product download and customer registration.

      Presented at numerous trade shows and IBM roadshows for up to several hundred persons.

      Presented to the NY Metropolitan VM User's Association NYMVMUA at their invitation. Was invited to speak to NYMVMUA a second time and at the HP World Los Angeles 2002 convention.

      Received outstanding employee recognition at Turbolinux November 2000.


Private Network and Web Consultant: Eugene, Oregon; San Francisco, California; and Santiago, Chile (1998 to 2007):

      Moved law firm in San Francisco, CA from one physical office to another (6/02-7/02), including migration of all services (printing, data entry, billing, external access, shared data, etc.) from Windows NT-based services to Windows 2000 Professional.

      Profvided updates and redesigns of site sections for www.amberscience.com: 8/02.

      Resolved and redesigned large-scale Linux shell script implementation for www.batononline.com (real estate loan brokerage, no longer active).

      Resolved multiple issues for www.trackandfieldnews.com as requested. Fixed problems with Joomla CMS, CentOS Linux Server issues, custom database.


Microcomputer Support Specialist: University of Oregon (June 1992 to September 2000):

      Oversaw and coordinated central microcomputer support for the University of Oregon (17,500 students, 3,000 faculty and staff) at the UO Computing Center.

      In charge of hiring, scheduling, supervising, and training student staff of 15+ with two co-workers. Students were used for central support and assigned to departments.

      Installed and configured Windows NT, Novell 3.x and 4.x, Mac AppleShare, Mac OS X, Linux, and FreeBSD servers for campus, local, and personal use.

      Resolved, explained, and trained campus users on Windows NT issues of domains and visibility. Included configuration of WINS, PDC, BDC’s, and the use of LMHOSTS files as well as explaining routable (TCP/IP) vs. non-routable (NetBEUI) protocols.

      Determined optimal network configuration for dialup and local users and configured a Network Application Installer accordingly. The installer also included pre-configured versions of TeraTerm Pro SSH, WS_FTP LE, IE 5.x and/or Netscape 4.7x, IP/TV, Free Agent Newsreader, Eudora 4.x, Kermit 95, and multiple utilities.

      Extensive customer support for Mac and PC users, including network and hardware issues, software and operating system support.

      Taught numerous technical workshops, training sessions, and the “art of troubleshooting” to students, faculty, and staff. Topics included MS Word, Networking, Windows 3.1 through 2000, Macintosh OS, MS and IBM PC DOS, HTML, and more.

      Designed and maintained the Microcomputer Services website (micro.uoregon.edu), including responsibility for the original site and major updates to site design. Site received several million hits per year and was one of the first few thousand web sites on the Internet.

      Directly involved in the creation of the Duckware CD-ROM, which contained UO-specific network installers and was distributed to over 10,000 students.

      Managed a 4x increase in requests for microcomputer assistance with only a minimal increase in staff and resources (included hundreds of phone and walk-in clients daily).

      Created numerous installation programs, documents, procedures and policies, including dozens of technical handouts, newsletter articles and employee manual (60+ pages).

      Facilitated general campus directions concerning technology, including the use of Windows 2000, issues with Outlook, rollout and support of Windows 9x.

      Coordinated and negotiated multiple campus-wide software purchases, including site licenses for Norton AntiVirus, Mac OS, and Apple Support Professional.


Lead Technician NetCorps: Eugene, Oregon (November 1998 to September 2000):

      Principal technical advisor for multiple large-scale interactive Web projects. These projects included the use of Windows NT, IIS 4, Active Server Pages, MS SQL Server 7, VBScript, JavaScript, and Java applets. Personally programmed several sections of these projects using a combination of HTML with extensive include files, JavaScript, and calls to SQL Server objects.

      Installed, updated, and maintained several Windows NT servers, including Netcorps backbone web (http://www.netcorps.org/, email, and LAN servers).

      Was co-lead for large-scale project specifications that included specifying projects down to individual functions fields and storing this information in an Access database. Projects have included www.trca.org, www.akrain.org, and multiple other Netcorps sites.

      Acted as network and system admin for E-LAW (www.elaw.org) as a NetCorps employee. Included extensive planning and implementation of a Windows NT E-mail, News, Web, List Server, and LDAP server that all interact by cross-sharing mailing lists with newsgroups and authenticating via an LDAP server. Products used include Netwin’s (www.netwinsite.com) DMail, DList, DNews, DMailWeb, and DNewsWeb products using Netscape’s Directory Server for LDAP services. Maintained and replaced Netscape Enterprise Server (Suitespot) with these products.

      Was lead engineer on original visit with Netcorps founder, Carnet Williams, to the Alaska Rainforest Coalition in Anchorage, Alaska (1998) to bring its grassroots campaign online (www.akrain.org - no longer active).


Principal Associate Websoft & Associates: Eugene, Oregon (January 1996 to December 2001):

      Original co-founder with Jason Grauman and David Zerull. By 1999 Websoft was generating income and had multiple clients.

      Created multiple Web sites for clients in Australia, Palo Alto, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Eugene. Including Track & Field News, Precision Transducers, and Track Town Pizza.

      Provided extensive programming in C, some JavaScript, and Perl.

      Used Photoshop to update and maintain these sites’ graphical elements.

      Interacted with clients in-person, via phone and email to obtain design specifications and turn these specifications into finished sites and graphic identities.


Network Services Assistant: UO Computing Center (April to June, 1992):

      Completed extensive NIC installation and client configuration across the UO Campus.

      Provided router and IP address scheme training for the University of Oregon

      Trained on Novell Netware servers. Later installed and maintained several servers at the University of Oregon.

      Troubleshooted and repaired problems on-site at physical hardware locations around the UO campus..


Lee Jeans Programmer: Santiago, Chile (May 1991 to April 1992,all work done in Spanish):

      Received two weeks extensive training in VAX VMS at SONDA Chile. Scored 100% on final exam during training course.

      Worked on large COBOL projects used for inventory and company finances.

      Created inventory reporting system using DOS batch files, including automated data transfer via dialup connections to all Lee Jeans retail locations in Santiago, Chile.

      Resolved issues with MicroVAX 3000 series running VMS for IT staff


Microcomputer Student Assistant: UO Computing Center (December 1988 to December 1990):

      Served as lead student consultant and often the only consultant available.

      Developed antiviral strategies for the University of Oregon and trained students, faculty and UO Computing Center staff on Mac and PC solutions.

      Answered questions dealing with DOS, Mac System 4-6, IBM VM/SP, Digital VMS, Fortran, C, SAS, SPSSx as well as general IBM-PC computer troubleshooting.

      Recovered data for clients from floppy disks, including writing custom C-code to recover damaged WordPerfect and Wordstar files.

      Wrote several 1-page, technical handouts given to UO students, faculty and staff.


Lab Assistant: University of Oregon Continuation Center (August-December 1988)

      Oversaw several Continuation Center labs as a student worker (Condon School and Journalism school labs).

      Answered user questions about software and hardware available in the labs.

      Responsible for opening and closing labs.


Pomona College Computing Head Consultant: Claremont, CA (May 1986 to July 1988):

      Responsible, with one other co-worker, for daily operation of Pomona College Academic Computing Services. In 1986-88 this included a student staff of 40+ people (all hiring and scheduling), an IBM 4381 running VM/SP with 80+ terminals, multiple tape drives, installation and testing of an IBM super-mini 9370, line printers, and terminal controllers.

      Installed, in 1987, the first BITNet connection to the college and coordinated and configured network connectivity for Harvey Mudd College via this connection.

      Taught multiple classes in the use of CMS (under VM/SP), Exec 2, REXX, APL, XEdit, Script, and GML.

      Installed, in1986, IBM PC’s and networked several using 3270 terminal emulation (IRMA) cards.

      Installed and setup, in1987, initial campus lab of PC’s running DOS and OS/2, and Apple Macs.

      Installed first physical network connection at Pomona College from the Computing Center to the Math Department.

      Oversaw the upgrade of the super-mini, IBM 4341 to an IBM 4381, including migration of all user data, installation of VM/SP on the new hardware and integration of custom operating system fixes specific to Pomona College.

      Maintained an extensive tape library and assisted faculty and students with accessing their data via local and remote terminals on campus.

      Responsible for maintaining operating system and software current and applying upgrades and patches as received by us from IBM.

      Responsible for Pomona College / IBM customer relationship. Met with IBM representatives on a regular basis.


Pomona College Computing Student Consultant: Claremont, CA (September 1983 to May 1986)

      Was hired as trainee consultant in 1983.

      Served as leard consultant on shifts and trained other new consultants on the use of IBM 4341 supermini and associated operating system (VM/SP) and software packages.

      Responsible for answering all user questions at the main consulting desk at the Seaver Computer Center, Pomona, College.

      Responsible for running specialized and standard print jobs, tape mount requests and all other machine-related activities while on duty.

      Had lab and staff access to facilities to open and close at the Seaver Computer Center for late night shifts.


Additional Technical Trainings

      Half-day hands-on tutorial for Colocation / Telco Facility Installation as part of Techs in Paradise Conference, January 2013, Honolulu, Hawaii.

      Organize, run and teach, with other instructors, multiple workshops on Linux/UNIX system administration, Network Security, Campus Network Design, Network Monitoring and Management, DNS/DNS Security and ccTLD Operations.. 2004 to present

      Attended multiple 1 and 2-day sessions on Network routing and switching, including Layer 2 technologies and design, routing protocols such as OSPF and BGP.

      Attended two 2-day Linux on IBM zSeries (S/390) workshops in November and December 2001 at IBM headquarters in Poughkeepsie, NY. Gave security for Linux on zSeries presentation at second workshop as requested by teacher.

      Taught Windows 2000 3-day Advanced Workshop (1999), and Win NT 2-day workshop (InterOP 1997).

      Taught one-day courses on Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT, and Microsoft Networking/TCP/IP (1994, 1995, 1997, 1998).

      Attended numerous one-day events for Apple, Mac OS, server issues, Microsoft, and Intel as well as various computer-related conferences in the U.S, including InterOP, NANOG, and PC Expo.

      Received intensive VMS Training at SONDA (DEC national office in Santiago, Chile), (1991).

      Attended IBM PC Hardware and Software 3 day workshop in NYC, (1987);

      Attended IBM VM/SP Users Conference (1987); West Coast Teachers in Computing (1986), numerous IBM VM/SP workshops (1986-1988), and seminars (TCP/IP and SNA in 1986).



Camping, hiking, biking, running, carpentry, travel, reading, languages (fluent in Spanish, six years of German), skiing, movies and playing with new technologies such as virtualization.


Available upon request.