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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Lecture Schedules

Except where specially noted, lectures are Saturday evenings, beginning at 8:15 p.m. (doors open 7:30 p.m.).

Fall 2015

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General Information

How to join: If you have a Vancouver Institute brochure, you can fill out the contained form and and mail it with a cheque to the indicated address; otherwise you can simply come to a lecture, well ahead of the lecture time (there may be a lineup) with the membership fee.

How to get there.

About The Vancouver Institute. Complete list of lecture titles, from 1916 to the present.

A short history of the Institute.

The lectures are in Lecture Hall No. 2 in the Woodward Instructional Resources Centre, University of British Columbia. When necessary, neighbouring overflow halls in the Centre, with closed-circuit TV, are used, and the speaker visits each hall during the question period.

Seats in the front half of the main hall are reserved for members until fifteen minutes before the starting time, and a few seats are reserved for specific people. Seating is otherwise first-come, first-served.