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Re: Some additional obscure questions...

On Wed, 29 Jan 2003, Randy Presuhn wrote:

> > been an actual ASN.1 discussion, not an SMI discussion.  But where the SMI
> > is silent, I tend to assume ASN.1 rules apply.)
> In this case, RFC 2578 isn't "silent".  It's not terribly explicit, but it DOES say:
> | 3.2.  IMPORTing Symbols
> |
> |    To reference an external object, the IMPORTS statement must be used
> |    to identify both the descriptor and the module in which the
> |    descriptor is defined, where the module is identified by its ASN.1
> |    module name.
> The question is whether that last phrase is the definition or an example.

What I mean by "silent" is that the SMI doesn't specify the notation, nor
any restrictions other than that the MODULE-IDENTITY's OID value, rather
than an OID value in an ASN.1 module header, may be used.

Michael Kirkham