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Re: FW: I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-ops-mib-review-guidelines-00.txt


I read the document and have a few comments.
'> ' indicates text from the draft itself (sorry it I cut/paste to much).

>3.2. Narrative Sections
> If the MIB modules defined by the specification are always
> implemented in conjunction with other MIB modules, then that fact
> MUST be noted in the overview section, as MUST any special
> interpretations of objects in other MIB modules. For instance, so-
> called media-specific MIB modules are always implemented in
> conjunction with the IF-MIB [RFC2863] and are required to document
> how certain objects in the IF-MIB are used. In addition, media-
> specific MIB modules that rely on the ifStackTable [RFC2863] and the
> ifInvStackTable [RFC2864] to maintain information regarding
> configuration and multiplexing of interface sublayers must contain a
> description of the layering model.

Also the definition section should express this in its compliance
statements. (There is later a lot of info for this compliance statements.)

>4.5. MODULE-IDENTITY Invocation
> - If the module was developed by an IETF working group, then the
> ORGANIZATION clause MUST provide the full name of the working
> group, and the CONTACT-INFO clause MUST include working group
> mailing list information. The CONTACT-INFO clause SHOULD also
> provide a pointer to the working groups's web page.

Is this the IETF maintained web page?? If a WG has concluded the URL changes.
For example,

and note the extra 'OLD' in the URL.

> <descriptor> MODULE-IDENTITY
> [ ... ]
> ::= { <subtree> XXX }
> -- RFC Ed.: replace XXX with IANA-assigned number & remove this note
> where <descriptor> is whatever descriptor has been selected for the
> module and <subtree> is the subtree under which the module is to be
> registered (e.g., mib-2 or transmission). Note that XXX must be
> temporarily replaced by a number in order for the module to compile.

Add extra note that it is NOT advised to use this number when a product
of it is shipped. Although, this is not for reviewers, more for

> There exist a number of standard TCs that cater to some of the more
> common requirements for specialized OCTET STRING types. In
> particular, ..

Maybe it is useful to mention specifically a UTF-8 octet string as
well. Various people add this to their draft and already multiple

>4.6.4. OID Values Assigned to Objects
> - A conceptual row has as many subordinate objects as there are
> columns in the row; there MUST be at least one. The OID assigned
> to each columnar object MUST be derived by appending a non-zero
> sub-identifier, unique within the row, to the OID assigned to the
> conceptual row.

Do we also want to mention the SEQUENCE and the order of the SEQUENCE
and column should be equal?? Mostly this will be picked up by MIB compilers,
but so are some other advises in this draft.

>4.7. Notification Definitions
> One mechanism that has been widely used is to require
> the notification generator to use throttling -- that is, to ensure
> that no more than one notification is generated for each event source
> in any given time interval of duration T. The throttling period T
> MAY be configurable, in which case it would be specified in a MIB
> object, or it MAY be fixed, in which case it would be specified in
> the notification definition. Examples of the second technique can be
> found in the SNMP-REPEATER-MIB [RFC2108] and in the ENTITY-MIB
> [RFC2737].

Why mentioning the first and referring to the second?? Does the
SNMP-REPEATER-MIB not use the time interval and thus the first

> 5.) References -- verify that the references are properly divided
> between normative and informative references, that RFC 2119 is
> included as a normative reference if the terminology defined therein
> is used in the document, that all references required by the
> boilerplace are present, that all MIB modules containing imported

typo: boilerplace -> boilerplate


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