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draft-ietf-ops-mib-review-guidelines-01.txt is now available


The latest "Guidelines for MIB Authors and Reviewers" draft, which
was submitted on 22 Feb 2002, is now available at


I expect that the official announcement will arrive shortly.

The I-D itself has a list of changes, most of which have been made
in response to comments from the MIB doctor/reviewer team and the
community.  My thanks to all who commented.  I think that the MIB
doctor/reviewer team has reached consensus on most (but not quite
all) of the stuff in this document.  Here are the known open issues:

1.) Instructions for copyright notices in IANA-maintained MIB
modules need to be added to Section 3.8 (details await the outcome
of discussions between the IESG and IANA).

2.) No consensus was reached on making it RECOMMENDED to put
external items used by MCs and ACs in the IMPORTS statement, so
(for now) Section 4.4 retains the neutral "MAY" language.

3.) The SMICng include file in Appendix C may need to be updated;
the editor is awaiting further input.

Questions or comments on these issues (or any others that you may
have) are welcome and should be posted to this list.