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Re: draft-ietf-ops-mib-review-guidelines-01.txt is now available

At 2/25/2003:02:52 AM, C. M. Heard wrote:

Hi Mike,

>2.) No consensus was reached on making it RECOMMENDED to put
>external items used by MCs and ACs in the IMPORTS statement, so
>(for now) Section 4.4 retains the neutral "MAY" language.

It should be a MUST...or an explanation as to why
*these* external references are exempt from the
otherwise clear requirement (citation given earlier
in this thread) that *all* external references MUST
be included in the IMPORTs statement.

Anything short of MUST simply points out our acceptance
of lax approaches to following both the spirit and the
letter of the SMI, IMHO...going as far as "MAY or MAY NOT"
(which is what "MAY" means) is really stretching things.

>3.) The SMICng include file in Appendix C may need to be updated;
>the editor is awaiting further input.

Why do we include any commercial products (as opposed
to none or all)?

And regarding smilint, why do we include a particular
freeware product (as opposed to all)?

("All" in the above two questions can mean "any that
comply with some open and fair rules for inclusion".)