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Re: [RMONMIB] What's new with timeFilterMode?

At 03:19 AM 9/16/2003, Romascanu, Dan (Dan) wrote:

>One of the MIB modules in works in the IEEE is defining a table object that has an INDEX with a SYNTAX of TimeFilter. Do they need to implement a timeFilterMode object, and if so where should it be imported from?  I confess that I lost the track with this thread. 

The timeFilterMode MIB object is not going to be added to any
RMON MIB.  Here is the text from the IETF #57 minutes on this

2) Fixing the TimeFilter TC

The working group decided that a new MIB object to
identify the TimeFilter mode implemented by an agent
is not needed.  An application uses the exact same
algorithm to process TimeFilter index information
whether the agent returns all possible instances
of the TimeFilter value or if it suppresses redundant
instances.  Since it is possible that multiple tables
using a TimeFilter can be supported by a single agent,
a simple scalar TimeFilter mode object is not sufficient

>Annexed is the MIB module in question.