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Re: SNMP improvements

>>>>> On Thu, 18 Sep 2003 09:45:13 -0700, Andy Bierman <abierman@cisco.com> said:

Andy> If it's so obvious that SNMP needs these improvements, 
Andy> then why didn't they get done in the EOS WG?

The problem was that there were too many solutions.  Everyone and
their sister had a fix for the problem and they were all different.
In the end, consensus was there but so was the burn-out.  Juergen said
made some comments that were right on track about this as well.

Andy> Why should anyone think an EOS-2 or an SNMPv4 WG will have any
Andy> more success than EOS?

Good question.  I don't have an answer for ya ;-)  IMHO, the community
got too large and decisions were no longer being reached.  It might
actually work now because the community is smaller again ;-)

"In the bathtub of history the truth is harder to hold than the soap,
 and much more difficult to find."  -- Terry Pratchett