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I agree with Joan Cucchiara's statement at this morning's NIM BoF session in 
regard to the need to explicate the NIM concepts and model within the 
general context of protocol development. To be more specific about what is 
meant by "protocol", I refer you to the following two works:

Elements of Network Protocol Design, by Mohamed G. Gouda (Wiley, 1998)

Object-Oriented Network Protocols, by Stefan Boecking (Addison-Wesley, 2000)

I also suggest that you list the modeling work of TINA (Telecommunications 
Information Networking Architecture) and ODP in your slides for the sake of 
completeness. There are five models in TINA/ODP that the group should be 
aware of: enterprise/business, informational, computational, engineering, 
technology. It may be valuable to compare/contrast these five models to the 
two types of models discussed this morning: information and data. (I'm going 
from memory here, so perhaps someone from TINA/ODP can correct me if I've 
named the models incorrectly.)

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