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Re: Is UML an option for the IETF?

It is certainly possible but would be extremely difficult to read
anything but the most trivial diagrams.


Avri Doria wrote:

> Hi,
> In regard to Tom's suggestion that UML be used to  describe the
> model:
> Is it possible to use UML  without graphics support?  And if not,
> can we justifiably use it as the IETF method of description.
> Personally, I am getting comfortable  with UML when using UML drawing
> packages (e.g. Rose).  But I find it  very uncomfortable to use with
> ascii characters.  As far as I can tell UML is totally implementation
> dependent; i.e. if you can't draw it, you  can't express it.
> Is there a way around this problem?  Other by writing a graphic UML
> to ascii character drawing converter for each UML graphics program?
> a.
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> Avri Doria
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