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IP network modeling -- use of standards?

NIM List:

Just to insert a few telecom service provider concerns--

We have increasing amounts of IP-oriented equipment to manage in our
networks. It often has fairly complex relationships with other non-IP
technology, especially subnetwork topology relationships to underlying
networks composed of other technologies (SONET, DWDM, etc.). Has any thought
been given to using the international standards with which we model telecom
networks to do these Internet models? This would mean using M.3100 to model
routers and the G.805 topological elements to model networks.

The big place this will help us is in the area of achieving integrated
network management, especially via element managers we buy from the switch
vendors. It will be good if an IP element manager's interface does not have
gratuitous differences from the similar EMSs for other technologies. The
same is true for network information models stored in our corporate data. It
is good if the different kinds of networks have similar/harmonized models.

We also end up managing customers' router networks for them, so I think some
level of harmony between the models used to manage enterprise IP networks
and service provider IP networks will be very helpful.


Kirk Shrewsbury

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