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RE: IP network modeling -- use of standards?


M.3100 and G.805 are ITU-T recommendations, so they are for sale at
info.itu.ch in "telecommunications standardization" area. Also of interest
will be I.326, which is an extension of G.805 for ATM.

G.805 is a concept doc, not a class library, so it can be understood w/o
having to deal with the modeling languages--GDMO/ASN.1. However, it is very
complex, as it can model infinitely nested subnetworks. On the issue of
class libraries, there are people working right now to harmonize the ones
that have emerged for SONET/SDH and ATM (ATMF M4). I believe you can get M4
documentation at the ATMF site.

M.3100, on the other hand, is a class library totally in GDMO, so it
requires a bit of effort on the languages. It is the so-called "Generic
Model". When anyone uses it to model a new NE, they usually have to add a
small handful of classes to it. I will be really surprised if there is not
someone somewhere who has used it already to model routers. I think it is a
matter of asking around.

Attached is a ppt slide I made 5 years ago of M.3100 which makes it a lot
easier to understand. This is out of date, as the spec has been revised
since then. I believe the G.805 concepts are now more fully represented in
the connectivity-oriented (cross connection/fabric) parts of the model.

Kirk Shrewsbury

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Good Afternoon, Kirk,

Could you give a pointer to where one might be able to get a copy
of these model documents?


	- Steve

On Friday, September 1 2000, Kirk Shrewsbury <shrews@post.harvard.edu>

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> Just to insert a few telecom service provider concerns--
> We have increasing amounts of IP-oriented equipment to manage in our
> networks. It often has fairly complex relationships with other non-IP
> technology, especially subnetwork topology relationships to underlying
> networks composed of other technologies (SONET, DWDM, etc.). Has any
> been given to using the international standards with which we model
> networks to do these Internet models? This would mean using M.3100 to
> routers and the G.805 topological elements to model networks.
> The big place this will help us is in the area of achieving integrated
> network management, especially via element managers we buy from the switch
> vendors. It will be good if an IP element manager's interface does not
> gratuitous differences from the similar EMSs for other technologies. The
> same is true for network information models stored in our corporate data.
> is good if the different kinds of networks have similar/harmonized models.
> We also end up managing customers' router networks for them, so I think
> level of harmony between the models used to manage enterprise IP networks
> and service provider IP networks will be very helpful.
> Thanks,
> Kirk Shrewsbury
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        - Steve
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