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Re: Is UML an option for the IETF?

At 11:02 04/09/2000 -0400, Tom Scott wrote:
>1. A combination of text and UML graphics would be a practical
>solution, keeping in mind that the "official" version would be the
>text and possibly a few simplified "ascii art" representations.

there is an ASCII representation format for UML documents.
The VB Visual Modeller saves its .mdl files in ASCII, doing things like

             (object Class "CustomerManager"
                 quid            "389020F8019E"
                 superclasses    (list inheritance_relationship_list
                     (object Inheritance_Relationship
                         quid            "38902107016D"
                         supplier        "Logical View::Customer"
                         quidu           "389002BC0253")))

When I tried to find the basis for this in the UML documentation, I did not 
get very far, but there were references suggesting that the format was 
based on an SGML DTD, and WAS part of the standard.

Publishing the ASCII that allows reproduction of the diagrams is an 
acceptable method.


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