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Re: Is UML an option for the IETF?

All - About a year ago my company bought some tools to allow GDMO and
SNMP MIBs to be interchanged with UML. To me this is the way to get the
ASCII desired. 

Those wanting to use UML can carry on higher level modeling functions.
But, the object information model created can be made visible in ASCII,
which of course is what compilers like to see as well.

Fred Seigneur

Avri Doria wrote:
> Hi,
> In regard to Tom's suggestion that UML be used to  describe the
> model:
> Is it possible to use UML  without graphics support?  And if not,
> can we justifiably use it as the IETF method of description.
> Personally, I am getting comfortable  with UML when using UML drawing
> packages (e.g. Rose).  But I find it  very uncomfortable to use with
> ascii characters.  As far as I can tell UML is totally implementation
> dependent; i.e. if you can't draw it, you  can't express it.
> Is there a way around this problem?  Other by writing a graphic UML
> to ascii character drawing converter for each UML graphics program?
> a.
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> Avri Doria
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