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Re: draft-morrow-filter-caps-00 comments

On Tue, 8 Mar 2005 19:47:03 +0200 (EET), Pekka Savola <pekkas@netcore.fi> wrote:

> > I think, per discussion in other thread we've concluded that layer 2
> > filtering not done in practice in large network cores for several
> > possible reasons.
> Not in the core, yes -- but I guess enterprise networks was also in
> scope?  If so, we for example specifically want to use MAC-address
> based security in our machine rooms (because otherwise the bozos from
> the IT support staff can go an plug in their windows servers without
> telling us), and we want to manage what gets plugged to the network
> and what not.

<waffleing>Hmmm.  Your right.</waffling>.   Let's discuss @ the WG ?

> > In this context, we're listing capabilities, not requirements (musts...)
> Well, the text says 32-bit as a must and 64-bit as a should.  This
> seems to conflict with what you're saying.

Leftover text.   Chris started with 3871 text.  We (well I) excized most of
the must/should text.   I missed this one.

> But if you want it that way, maybe you could list _two_ capabilities.
> One for regular toy counters, and ones for real use.  Then folks could
> poit without any possibility of confusion that "yes, we _do_ want
> 64bit counters.  Don't talk talk to us if you don't have them".

I could be convinced to just stick with 64.