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updated agenda for PSAMP meeting at IETF #55

Packet Sampling WG (psamp)
IETF #55
November 18, 2002 : 1930 - 2200

WG Chairs:  Andy Bierman <abierman@cisco.com>
            Juergen Quittek <quittek@ccrle.nec.de>

Internet Drafts:

(A) A Framework for Passive Packet Measurement

(B) Sampling and Filtering Techniques for IP Packet Selection

(C) On the Relationship between PSAMP and IPFIX

  1) Announcement on Internet Measurement Research Group (5 minutes)
     - Introduction of new IRTF group and how it might relate
       to the PSAMP work
  2) WG Status (10 minutes)
     - Significant progress has been made on the framework and
       sampling techniques deliverables
     - Controversial work items not yet started
       - transport protocol (congestion avoidance)
     - Other work items not yet started
       - reporting protocol and report format
       - MIB for configuration and status
  3) PSAMP Framework (45 minutes)
     Discussion of the Framework document (A) 
     Some minor issues have been raised on the mailing list.
        - Establish WG consensus that this document covers
          all framework issues
        - Resolve inconsistencies between framework and sampling
          document wrt/ terminology and concepts
  4) Sampling and Filtering Techniques (45 minutes)
     Discussion of the Sampling and Filtering Techniques draft (B)
        - Establish WG consensus that this document covers
          all sampling issues
        - Determine if 1 or more detailed standard sampling techniques
          can and/or should be developed
        - Determine which aspects of sampling and filtering 
          configuration should be standardized

  5) On the Relationship between PSAMP and IPFIX (45 minutes)
     Discussion of the PSAMP and IPFIX document (C)
     Potential areas of overlap:
        - transport protocol
        - reporting protocol
        - report contents
        - security and privacy issues
        - MIB for configuration
        - Gauge WG opinion and consensus on commonality between 
          IPFIX and PSAMP

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