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comments on framework draft

Hi Nick,

please find below some comments on the framework draft.

- I would propose to group the requirements in requirements about schemes, configuration and reporting. Maybe it is also possible to show what requirenments are needed for which scenarios. Furthermore I think some requirements should be more precise to be able to answer whether they are met or not (e.g. what does "ease of configuration " and "maximum line rate" mean exactly)
- Regarding the terminology section we need to agree on common terms in both drafts and I would suggest to re-use IPFIX terminology as much as possible. Regarding this I have a few comments:
- According to the current definition a PSAMP device would be an IPFIX device just without exporting process ?
- The measurement process definition currently differs from IPFIX. I think we could simply use the IPFIX definition, where the exporting process is considered as a separate process.
- As I understand the purpose of the reporting process is just generating records. In IPFIX this is a part of the measrement process
- Cant the measurement packets be seen as specific flow records (as defined in IPFIX)
- The categorization of schemes differs in our drafts. We can discuss this in the WG session.
- Regarding the reporting I would suggest to write down the reporting requirements and then compare with the IPFIX requirements in order to see whether IPFIX can be used as exporting protocol for psamp.


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