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changes draft-ietf-psamp-mib-02.txt

Dear all,

here is the list of changes for the PSAMP MIB draft:

* changed psampMethods to psampSamplingMethods
* replaced psampRandomOutOfNSamplingRate by
 psampRandomOutOfNSamplingPopulation and psampRandomOutOfNSamplingSize
 according to the sample tech draft
* changed psampRandomProbabilisticSampling to
* replaced psampRandomProbabilisticSamplingRate by
 psampRandomUniformProbabilisticSamplingPopulation and
 psampRandomUniformProbabilisticSamplingSize according to the sample tech
* added a dummy version of psampRandomNonUniformProbabilisticSampling
* added a dummy version of psampFlowStateSampling
* added psampFilteringMethods
* added a dummy version of psampMaskFiltering
* added a first version of psampHashFiltering
* added a dummy version of psampRouterStateFiltering
* added a dummy version of psampTemplateTable
 This table should hold the templates that are sent to the collectors.
 Linkage between collector, parameter instance and template not yet

There are still many open issues. Any feedback is very welcome. If
somebody has good ideas for solving one of the open issues don't hesitate
to make proposal on- or offline.



Thomas Dietz
Network Laboratories               Phone:  +49/(0)6221/90511-28
NEC Europe Ltd.                    E-mail: Thomas.Dietz@netlab.nec.de
Kurfuersten-Anlage 36
69115 Heidelberg, Germany

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