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Re: WG last call on Sampling and Filtering Techniques for IP Packet Selection

BTW, this concern is also valid for draft-ietf-psamp-framework-09.txt

Regards, Benoit.

I read the draft (sorry, couldn't read earlier), and I have one issue left.

In this draft, one of your change is:
-    Low level filter definition substituted by simple filter definition based on IPFIX flow attributes
       - No masks and ranges (exept source and dest addresses)
       - No OR operation, AND realized by concatenating filters
This change is welcome.
However, I think it should be propagated to the "Router State Filtering", which still allows OR and NOT
 6.3 Router State Filtering 
    This class of filters select a packet on the basis of router 
    state conditions. The following list gives examples for such 
    conditions. Conditions can be  combined with AND, OR or NOT 
       - Ingress interface at which the packet arrives equals a 
          specified value 
       - Egress interface to which the packet is routed equals a 
          specified value 
       - Packet violated Access Control List (ACL) on the router 
       - Reverse Path Forwarding (RPF) failed for the packet 
       - Resource Reservation is insufficient for the packet 
       - No route found for the packet 
       - Origin BGP AS [RFC1771] equals a specified value or lies 
          within a given  range  
       - Destination BGP AS equals a specified value or lies within 
          a given range 
Regards, Benoit.

Hi all,

for reviewing the packet selection draft,  please use the document published under:


(Please do not use the document that I did send on the list, because I had to make a few modifications to the IPR and Copyright section to be conformant to the new IETF format. Therefore the published draft slightly differs from the document that I did send before.)


Juergen Quittek wrote:

Dear all,

After long discussions, our document on

Sampling and Filtering Techniques for IP Packet Selection

is ready for WG last call.

The call will last two weeks and close on Friday, November 5th
just two days before IETF#61.  Then we can discuss raised issues
at our session and (hopefully) solve them quickly.

Please read the document and send your comments!