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RE: PSAMP meeting and future work


I see three outstanding issues on the framework and sampling drafts.
Items 1 and 2 below can probably be resolved offline, although 3 could
benefit from discussion at the ietf.

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> Subject: PSAMP meeting and future work
> Dear all,
> I requested a slot for a PSAMP meeting in Paris, but I have doubts
> that we have sufficient discussion items for the meeting.
> I am very happy, that we completed the work on Sampling and Filtering
> Techniques for IP Packet Selection.  I will forward this I-D to our
> area directors and the IESG in the next days.  With this step we
> completed most of the work that we could do independently of IPFIX.

1. There are some minor harmonization and updates done between the
framework and the recent version of the sampling draft. 

2. The status of intellectual property (if any) for the Bob hash
function needs to be clarified. 

3. On the sampling draft: although there has been some work behind the
scenes on this, there are still some uncertainties about input for the
IPv6 hash. It could be useful to talk about this, and try to get some
input from ietf attendees with domain knowledge.


> Also the IPFIX WG achieved a major milestone.  All WG documents
> are complete and will be forwarded to area directors and IESG next
> Based on these documents we can now start specifying the PSAMP
> as an application/extension of the IPFIX protocol and the PSAMP info
> as an extension of the IPFIX info model.
> Both documents will probably be much shorter than the corresponding
> IPFIX documents, but still they require a significant amount of work.
> Finally, the PSAMP MIB, which is already in a very mature state,
> needs to be adapted to the protocol and the info model.
> In conclusion I see work ahead, and certainly also discussions on the
> protocol and info model, but there are no documents available, that
> could serve as basis for a discussion in Paris.
> If you still feel, we should have the meeting in Paris, then please
> reply until the deadline for Internet draft submissions on Monday,
> 18.
> If no one comes up with a good reason for having the meeting I will
> cancel it.
> Thanks,
>     Juergen
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