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RE: Strawman RADIUSEXT WG charter

> Hi Greg,
> I am readying an individual submission for AVP extension which could address
> your length extension issue.  Take a look at
> http://www.lior.org/standards/ietf/radiusext/draft-lior-radius-attribute-typ
> e-extension-00-1.rtf
> In my proposal if we make the extended attribute length 2 octets then if
> Extended Attribute is longer then its container (the specail RADIUS VSAs)
> then the attribute would span multiple consecutive VSAs.
> Will that work for you?  I would apperciate any comments on this document.
> I will be sumitting it shortly.

The existing RADIUS VSA mechanism enables merging of attributes without an
additional length field, so it's not clear to me why this would be

Also, Diameter already has a 32-bit attribute field so allowing that many
RADIUS attributes would seem to create Diameter incompatibilities -- how
would you map RADIUS attributes to Diameter?

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