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RE: Extending RADIUS Attribute Space

If we want to interoperate with Diameter for example, how would we address
the fact that the length of a diameter attribute is 3 octets?

Is this enough of a justification to allow RADIUS Extended attributes to be
longer than 1 octet in length? 

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> Subject: Re: Extending RADIUS Attribute Space
> > As well, we have been involved in a case where someone 
> wanted to do a 
> > packet audit against a wireless session where a counter is reported 
> > against a range of IP addresses. These counters and Ipaddress are 
> > stored in a container attribute.  This container attribute 
> would span 
> > a RADIUS accounting packet.
> > Note: The issue was dropped for other reasons.
> This kind of thing is already covered in the IPFIX WG.

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