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RE: Extending RADIUS Attribute Space

Avi Lior writes...

> If we want to interoperate with Diameter for example, how would we
> the fact that the length of a diameter attribute is 3 octets?
> Is this enough of a justification to allow RADIUS Extended attributes
> be longer than 1 octet in length?

Well, I don't know.  I think it once again depends on the actual
attributes and applications under consideration.  If RADIUS has a
well-defined mechanism for achieving application-level fragmentation and
re-assembly of "oversize" attributes, why isn't it sufficient for a
RADIUS-Diameter gateway function to utilize that fragmentation and
re-assembly when translating between RADIUS and Diameter?  Making the
translation simple and straightforward is important, but I think that
requirement can be met with fragmentation and re-assembly.  Execution
efficiency is another matter, of course...

-- Dave

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