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> Phil:
> In addition to reading Bernard's well written reply, you should
> probably also read the archives of this list to see the lengthily
> discussion (including the question you have posed) that has already
> taken place. 

Unfortunately, neither Bernard's reply nor any of the discussion of
which I'm aware actually answers the question posed, which is
(paraphrased but correctly) "Why is the IETF (IESG) apparently
intentionally working to delay the deployment of Diameter?".  To say
that 'Well, people were working on RADIUS' w/o discussing the reasons
behind that work is just blowing smoke.  Having been involved in the
work of at least a couple of the SDOs/trade organizations referred to
(3GPP2 & WECA), I know that the reason for the work being done was _not_
the magnificence of RADIUS but the interminable delays in the
standardization of Diameter.  Since those delays were largely due to
IESG actions (or lack thereof), we seem to be wandering a hall of
mirrors rather than in engaging in honest inquiry.

Q: Why are you trying to delay Diameter deployment?
A: People have been working on RADIUS.
Q: Why did they have to change RADIUS?
A: We delayed the standardization (and thus deployment) of Diameter.

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> Richard
> On 11/5/03 09:51, "phil.neumiller@convergys.com"
> <phil.neumiller@convergys.com> wrote: 
>> Hi folks,
>> I know I am late to this discussion, however why pursue RADIUS
>> extensions when:
>> A).  Diameter has RFC's popping
>> B).  Diameter solves most the serious issues with RADIUS
>> C).  The Diameter designers strived to be backward compatible with
>> The existence of this BOF, and any WG that results, will just further
>> delay the wide scale deployment of Diameter which is clearly
>> preferable. 
>> Please let me know why?
>> Thanks,
>> Phil Neumiller

Hope this helps,


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