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Comments on draft-black-radius-lanedge-00.txt

I have read


and have some questions and comments:

 o  In general I support this type of a specification that would
    define WLAN or LAN specific attributes for AAA. We need this.

 o  The attributes should be done in a general fashion, in one
    document, and be applicable for both RADIUS and Diameter.
    With translation, if necessary, described in the document.

 o  Section 2.3.7, attribute IP-Filter-Name: What is the difference
    between this attribute and the Filter-Id attribute from RFC 2865?
    Do we need another one?

 o  Section 2.3.8, IP-Filter-Raw: Note that the RADIUS attribute
    length may reduce the usefulness of this attribute. I think
    Filter-Id may have to be sufficient where this is an issue.
    Also, it would be better to hightlight the relationship of
    the proposed attribute and Diameter NASREQ NAS-Filter-Rule AVP.
    Note that this AVP has a code 400 which means it is not directly
    RADIUS compatible. But if the definitions are aligned otherwise
    then translation should at least be possible.

 o  The Bandwidth-*-* attributes: I like these attributes. This seems
    like a general set of attributes which may even be used outside LANs.

 o  It may be worthwhile to think a little bit how to divide the work
    into documents if we get to standardizing this. Maybe one draft
    on general access attributes, another one on 802, and we already have
    one one that clarifies the use of existing attributes in 802.1X (RFC


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