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Comments on draft-adrangi-radius-issues-in-pwlan-roaming-00.txt

I have read


and have some questions and comments:

 o  This is a good document and useful input for the kinds of
    problems the IETF should look at.

 o  The lack of Identity for Accounting Purposes (sect. 3.1): I agree
    that this is an issue where things like EAP-AKA which has identity
    protection or PEAP which hides the identity are used. Perhaps
    draft-ietf-aaa-eap should discuss this. But since the issue is
    in fact common to both Diameter and RADIUS, we could also describe
    it separately. "Accounting Considerations for Identity Privicy" I-D?

 o  The lack of Standard (sect. 3.2): I agree that it is troublesome
    to arrange global naming of filters in a roaming scenario. Diameter
    does help this by allowing the home network to define the filters;
    draft-black has a similar scheme but limited in packet size.

    I would support some standardization of basic filter sets, and their
    naming. This could be either an IETF effort, or maybe something done
    in, say, WiFi alliance.

 o  Access Network Location (sect. 3.4): I would like to do this
    in a manner which is as independent as possible from the given
    access network type. There seems to be two separate issues:
    geographic location (draft-black) and identity of the NAS.

 o  Type of address (sect. 3.5): Yes, this would be useful. This
    is again general, not tied to wireless LANs. I think there
    may be ip address pool attributes somewhere that could also be
    used for this purpose.

 o  QoS parameters (sect. 3.8): Yes, I agree that something like
    that is needed. Draft-black has some basic attributes for it.
    What parameters specifically would you need?

 o  The document should be focused around "AAA", not just RADIUS,
    issues in PWLAN roaming. It would be helpful to identify
    which issues are common (most are) and which are specific
    to a particular AAA protocol.

o Non-ascii characters in the text (at least quotes).


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