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Comments on draft-adrangi-radius-extension-for-pwlan-00.txt

I have read


and have some questions and comments:

 o  I have stated previously that I would in general like to
    see separate attributes rather than a new syntax within
    a value. The location attribute would be more useful with
    separate attributes for city etc, imho.

And again, this is pretty general, not tied to PWLANs...

 o  I dislike the Sect 2.2 string syntax, as it is hard
    to make this really work in a consistent manner across
    vendors and organizations. A standardized bit pattern
    approach would be better, IMHO. Then again, I'm not sure
    whether we should really extend RADIUS with a feature
    capabilities discovery.

o I like the address range accounting control attributes.

 o  Sect 2.6 (address type) does not describe what to do
    for IPv6... make it clear that it applies to IPv4
    only, or?

 o  Address type "Public and Private": I have trouble
    seeing how this works in IPv4.

 o  Sect 2.7 overlaps with draft-black. I liked the
    draft-black approach better.


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