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Re: Reply-Message/EAP-Message attributes in RFC-3576

> i) Can somebody educate me how are these attributes used. I'm wondering
> how these messages are delivered to the user.

They are there to allow the server to send a displayable message.  For
example, a CoA-Request with an EAP-Message/Notification-Request stating
"You have now been authorized for the Foo Service."

How they are delivered to the user depends on the type of access they
have.  If the client supports EAP, they can be sent as an
EAP-Message/Notification-Request;  otherwise a Reply-Message attribute
might be used.

> ii) Why is that Reply-Message not there in ACK messages where as the
> EAP-Message can be there in ACKs as well.

An EAP-Message attribute may be present in ACK messages so that an
EAP-Message/Notification-Response can be sent back to the server,
acknowledging receipt.

There is no equivalent acknowledgement defined for a Reply-Message.

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