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[RRG] Welcome comment on my work

Hi, everyone

Recently I have focused my research on inter-domain routnig based support to
spoofed packets filtering. 
I have writen down the basic through and simulation in a paper "BGP Route
Selection Notice". If you are 
interested in this direction, welcome to my website
http://netlab.cs.tsinghua.edu.cn/~wlj to find the paper.
Any commnet on the work is welcomed.  

Following is the abstract of the paper.

The present Internet is not trustworthy, partially because the routing
system forwards packets only according to destination IP address. Forged
packets with mendacious source IP address will also be brought to the
destination, which can be utilized to compromise the destination machine. In
this paper, we extend the connotation of reliable service provided by
routing system to answer for the development of Internet and propose to
enhance BGP by adding Route Selection Notice functionality. With BGP Route
Selection Notice, Autonomous Systems can validate the authenticity of
incoming IP packets and filter out improper packets to make routing
infrastructure offer support to trustworthy service. BGP Route Selection
Notice does not impair the routing function of BGP and with proper design
its bandwidth cost and convergence delay is acceptable which is proved by
our simulation.

Best regards
Wang Lijun
Wang Lijun, Ph.D candidate
Department of Computer Science and Technology,
Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, 100084
Tel: 86-010-62795818-6864

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