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[RRG] Kelly's paper on stability of congestion routing


As promised just now in Vancouver RRG mtg, below is the paper by Kelly on getting TCP to optimise global traffic engineering below.

Any conversation about this, pls cc me, as I'm not permantently on the rrg list.

  author = {Frank Kelly and Thomas Voice},
  affiliation = {U Cam},
  month = dec,
  year = 2004,
  title = {Stability of End-to-End Algorithms for Joint Routing and Rate
  address = {URL: \url{http://www.statslab.cam.ac.uk/~frank/PAPERS/kv.html}},
  institution = {Univerity of Cambridge},
  type = {Technical Report},
  annote = {by e-mail},
  keywords = {Data Communication, Networks, Internet, Routing, Quality of
             Service, QoS, Rate Control, Congestion Control, Traffic
             Engineering, Stability},
  annoteby = {RJB},
  annoteon = {11 Jan 2005},
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