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[RRG] pairwise contractual relationships as an industry model design principle

Bob & RRG Folks,

Following from Bob Braden's presentation of Xiaowei Yang's FARA, I made some comments about competition being not just over pricing, but also tariff structure (what metrics that providers use) and business models. I explained why allowing for buying connectivity from two network providers at once can cause the market to homogonise into one business model.

Below is a presentation and a paper explaining this (and ways round it)...

First an old presentation on this subject I gave at Dave Clark's Internet & Telephony Convergence Consortium back in 2001. I think it's understandable without the words behind it.

Tetherless Industry Structure

This presentation is a summary of section 2.1 of
Market Managed Multi-service Internet Architecture, PtI: Principles

As well as this principle of exclusively pairwise contracts, this paper articulated other design principles, including our version of the Internet Design Principle "Design for Tussle" from the "Tussle in Cyberspace" paper (which we weren't aware of at the time although the NewArch project was proceeding in parallel). We called it "Control over control", meaning provide the ability for society/the market to control where control is applied in a design.

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