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Re: [RRG] Upgrading user device software for multihoming or solving ROAP

In einer eMail vom 07.08.2007 14:04:36 Westeuropäische Normalzeit schreibt rw@firstpr.com.au:
I think it is much better and easier to upgrade a few routers than a
lot of end-user devices, to provide multihoming or to solve any
other Routing and Addressing Problems (ROAP).

Wrt. the above, I am convinced that it is feasable to make inter-domain routing scalable (such that 2K  rather than 200 K FIB entries would do) by just enhancing the DFZ-routers. Although the ultimate goal should be a one-face-routing protocol instead of the two completely orthogonal designs of OSPF and BGP, that would still be a valuable compromise.
Heiner Hummel