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Re: [RRG] Routers in DFZ - reliable figures from iPlane

I concur with Ricardo on both of these statements.

1. These numbers are at most a lower bound on the numbers you are looking for, and we have no way to tell how tight this bound is. iPlane data is incomplete because of several reasons, such as limited number of vantage points, blocking of ICMP/UDP by routers, MPLS tunnels,.... Furthermore, there's the problem of converting router interfaces to AS numbers which is not entirely resolved.

2. And getting realistic numbers for those is an unfeasible task as of now, at least for the entire Internet.

iPlane data has its limitations. But, irrespective, computing exact figures for the numbers you are looking for is infeasible by performing measurements of the Internet.

I'm not sure if starting off with numbers from a tier-1 ISP serves your purpose in terms of being representative of the entire Internet. Maybe you are better off combining numbers from iPlane with that from other measurement projects such as Skitter and DIMES. Those numbers too won't be precise, but I think that's the best we can do as of now.


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