, an invited access system

RGnet/PSGnet peering policy can be found here. is a FreeBSD system with Emacs, pine, mutt, exim, ssh, ftp, etc. has been operational since the summer of '88. is a 12-core 2.6GHz CPU system with 16GB of RAM and a 2TB of zfs mirrored disk. You have to like a UNIX shell. bash, csh, ksh, and sh are available. There are other hosts on the local ether, but there is no public access to them.

Access is free, but restricted to folk who we can ensure are net.mature and reliable. E.g. we know you, or someone we trust knows you. If you qualify, to get an account, email your name, sshv2 public key(s) and PGP key, and we may give you an account. There are other well run public access sites on the net with all the amenities, a helpful admin, and friendly users. has none of these. So we don't feel at all guilty saying "No."

The denizens number over 100, and are either techies or mail freaks. There is not much local chat. I am a routing researcher, network operator, and ex compiler/OS writer by trade. The system is in a rack in the Westin Building, Seattle's carrier hotel, 33 floors of racks.

Although I and others do occasional development here the system is mostly mail and networking.

PSGnet/RGnet has GigE transit to SprintLink, GigE transit to NTT, and a 10G connection to the SeattleIX. IRC, MUD, etc. are not and will not be supported. Please do not use them directly or indirectly, we just don't need the grief.

All local email addresses are of the form <user> We do have other domains, if you really want, e.g., a or address.

You may use as your SMTP relay if and only if you have SMTP AUTH.

PSGnet has an open jabber server at You are welcome to an account there, but I have to set it up manually; 10,000 Chinese xmpp bots taught us a lesson.

This is not gryphon, or portal, or AOL, nor do we wish that kind of reputation on the net. The folk here are mostly computing or other scientific professionals. Snooping in others' directories, net.flames, long signatures, and other asocialialities are not appreciated. Users are guests in a communal home, and are expected to act responsibly.

Security is a very serious concern.