Professor Stan Coren Lecture

Professor Stan Coren
Department of Psychology

will be addressing the Vancouver Institute on November 27, 2010 at 8:15 p.m., Lecture Hall No. 2 in the Woodward Instructional Resources Centre, University of British Columbia.


The Human-Animal Bond:
Our History With Dogs


Professor Coren is best known to the public for his popular books on dogs, however he is also a highly respected scientist who has been named a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada for his neuropsychological research. His broad knowledge about the behaviour of dogs and people has made bestsellers out of his books: The Intelligence of Dogs, How to Speak Dog, The Pawprints of History, and How Dogs Think. His work has been translated into 26 languages, and he has appeared on many national television programs, including Oprah, Larry King, Dateline, the Today Show, Good Morning America, and 20/20. His latest book is a memoir about living with an unpredictable and irrepressible dog and it is entitled Born to Bark.