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The Internet In 1995: Much Hype, Little Substance

1995 was the year when anyone could be an Internet expert. Techno-hippies who had been on the net for years, revelling in its anarchy, turned into consultants helping advertisers put up Web sites. Advertising and publishing executives suddenly turned techie and paraded their new net knowledge (or lack of it) when and wherever possible. Anyone who had spent a little time Net surfing suddenly became an expert, happily proffering advice to those who were only slightly more ignorant. The result was a vibrant debate based on a complete lack of experience. Never has so much been said by so many who knew so little.

(Weekly Mail and Guardian, South Africa; January 10, 1996)

Show some respect for other human beings and act as if you were in adult company.

Stop talking about people. Talk about ideas.

Do not use adjectives like good, bad, stoopid.

If there was a market for nerd hysteria/hyperbole, there would be no need for internet IPOs.

If you are still frustrated and can't hold it in, go to Usenet and try k12.jr.chat.

You may find the classic Emily Postnews Answers Your Questions on Netiquette useful.

Good perspective can be gained from All I really need to know I learned on Internet

Some operational clues.

"We should not be building surveillance technology into standards. Law enforcement was not supposed to be easy. Where it is easy, it's called a police state." -- Jeff Schiller 99.10.12

For those who think they are big and important.

Randy gets a clue!

And a clue for those with the telco model of networking,

Another clue.