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RE: SNMP improvements


Those are good insights. 



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On Mon, Sep 15, 2003 at 04:03:16PM -0600, Eduardo Cardona wrote:
> Is there any work or paper to fuel SNMP to a more efficient pooling of

> big tables (hundreds of rows) , like a new PDU type 'GetBulkTableRows'

> ?


I suggest to look at the EOS WG mailing list archives. Many proposals 
have been made to tackle these problems but the EOS WG never reached
consensus to move one of them forward. One of the more complex proposals
for new PDUs was submitted by Wes Hardacker.

> Should we wait for SMIv3, or an overall substitute of SNMP?

The SNMP community had two working groups (SMIng and EOS) to fix some 
of the known problems and to evolve the SNMP technology. Both working 
groups failed to deliver and got shut down. So I think it is very 
unlikely that work on SNMP happens within the IETF in the near future,
except some maintenance stuff. 

In other words, if people are serious to continue an evolutionary path, 
they have to get their act together outside of the IETF. The other 
alternative is to try a revolutionary approach (and I guess this is 
why you see so many SNMP folks in the netconf WG.)


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