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Re: Reply-Message/EAP-Message attributes in RFC-3576

> > There is no equivalent acknowledgement defined for a Reply-Message.
> If no equivalent acknowledgement for Reply-Message, doesn't that mean user
> cannot confirm the service. Is that acceptable behavior? Also Do these
> attributes make sense in Disconnect requests? I suppose that saying "you are
> now being logged off" doesn't make sense. May be, that the ISP can display a
> message "Your service is over. Talk to customer care over the phone" does
> make sense.

Reply-Message attribute delivers a displayable message.  This could be
useful in a Disconnect-Request in that the reason for the disconnection
could be explained to the user (as in your example).

Even the EAP Notification-Response only acknowledges that the
Notification-Request was received, not that the user "responded" in any
way.  It is therefore only a transport-level acknowledgement.

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