rfc3012bis Issue List

The following table gives a list of known issues that await resolution for the Internet Draft draft-ietf-mobileip-rfc3012bis-04.txt ("Mobile IPv4 Challenge/Response Extensions").

The Status field marks the issues as given by the below list.

New issues can be submitted by sending an e-mail to the WG mailing list, clearly stating that there is a problem in the specification. I'll also try to create issue descriptions as the discussions go on.

Issues List
Issue # Status Draft # Description
1 Rejected ..-04 Vulnerability to bogus registration replies?
2 Rejected ..-04 SHOULD or MUST for the Challenge extension to the Registration Request message?
3 Adopted ..-04 Handling for STALE_CHALLENGE? Extract the challenge from a registration reply with an error?
4 Adopted ..-04 Does the MN need to track which FAs have issued which challenge?
5 Adopted ..-04 How does a foreign agent decide whether or not the challenge extension is needed?
6 Adopted ..-04 What happens when the reply is lost between the FA and MN?
7 Rejected ..-04 Why not have the "keep N+1 challenge values" apply to the values sent in both advertisements and replies?
8 Rejected ..-04 Is an FA implementing this specification is allowed to interoperate with pre-existing HAs?
9 Rejected ..-04 WHy is the Mobile-Foreign challenge carried between the FA and HA?
10 Adopted ..-04 What checks (if any) does the HA perform on the received registration request?
11 Rejected ..-04 Why should a pre-existing Home Agent send a Registration Reply to the Foreign Agent if it will be rejected anyway?
12 Rejected ..-04 IANA consideration does not mention subtype in section 5.
13 Rejected ..-04 Format of Generalized Mobile IP Authentication Extension.
14 Adopted ..-04 How many bits of length and SPI are fed into MD5?
15 Rejected ..-04 A node might fool a mobile node into acting as if its registration were rejected.
16 Rejected ..-04 Bogus registration replies must be accepted because the mobile node cannot tell and it needs the challenge.

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